May 22, 2024

The ultimate blueprint for signing a £250m client

Learn the steps we used to sign a £250m client, from mindset and perception to niche selection and the sales process.

The ultimate blueprint for signing a £250m client

After scaling our B2B Growth Partner Agency to $197,000 a month and helping 400+ agency owners generate $14m+ in revenue, we developed a proven process for signing high-value clients. In this blog, we'll take you through the step-by-step process that we used to sign a £250m client, which you can apply to your own agency for similar success.


To sign huge deals and be valued by clients, you need the right mindset. Our mentality when signing the £250m client was:

"We don’t need your business. We already have money. We want more good projects and good people to work with"

The person who needs it less always wins. Clients must feel they need you more than you need them. Never appear desperate or take on poor clients out of necessity.

Building Your Perception

Your mentality shapes your perception, but you must actively manage how prospects view you. We took our £250m client to the Four Seasons, a setting that conveyed success and confidence. Create a high-end perception by investing in quality interactions, environments, and appearances. Dress professionally, carry yourself with confidence, and maintain class in all interactions.


Sell to people who have money. Avoid niches like cryptocurrency where stability is questionable. Target businesses with established needs and budgets, often in more traditional industries that are less familiar with modern marketing techniques.

Creating Leverage

In untapped, old-school niches, you can achieve a leveraged position by becoming a trusted partner who improves their internal processes. This moves you from being an external contractor to a vital part of their team, ultimately focusing on leadership and strategy rather than just execution.

Pre-Close Preparation

The bigger the contract, the more preparation is needed. For our £250m client, we planned and strategised extensively before formal meetings, identifying their key problems and proposing tailored solutions. Discovery calls and thorough research are crucial to understanding their needs and formulating effective plans.

The Sales Process

An Adjustable Offer

Effective sales require understanding and addressing the client's specific pains. Be flexible in your offerings and tailor your solutions to their unique challenges. For our £250m client, we focused on their sales team issues, positioning ourselves as specialists who could solve their biggest problem.

Jab, Jab, Jab

Build a professional relationship first. Understand their business and highlight your past successes and industry expertise without immediately pitching your services. This approach makes them want what you've achieved for others.

Create an Enemy, Sell The Holiday

Identify a common enemy to build trust and bond with the client. Focus conversations on their pains and aspirations, framing your solutions as the path to achieving their vision. Include lifestyle elements subtly to create a more personal connection.

Paint the Vision, Show the Steps

People buy into their own ideas more than others'. Build on their vision and present a logical plan to achieve it. For our £250m client, we highlighted inefficiencies and presented a clear, step-by-step plan to mobilise their sales team.

Logic VS Emotion

CEOs and decision-makers rely on logic. Your sales argument should be logically sound, but also touch on emotions. Show how your measurable results will lead to positive emotional outcomes for them.

Who You’re Really Selling to in Big Business

In big businesses, you often need to present your plan to multiple stakeholders and help your primary contact sell it to their board. Most of the time, the decision-maker is already on board, but you need to help them convince others. This requires understanding the internal dynamics and providing extra motivation.

Work Ethic

Make the client's life easier. They need to believe you will work harder on their business than they do. This removes any hesitation about bringing your plan to their higher-ups for approval.

Current Metrics

Start the jabs by understanding where the client currently stands. This builds comfort and allows you to create a precise plan for their growth. Show how you can take them from their current state to a significantly improved one.

We’re Not Going to Screw You Over

Reassure clients that your reputation and relationship are more important than the money. Emphasise your commitment to long-term success and the value of the case study over immediate profit.

Landing & Expanding

For large businesses, it often works best to start with one high-impact project and expand from there. Focus on doing an excellent job on the initial engagement, then leverage that success to take on more responsibilities within the company.

By following this process, you can position yourself as a Growth Partner rather than just a service provider, creating long-lasting, high-value relationships with major clients.

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