How we went from $0 to $197,000 a month in 11 months using the "Growth Partner Model"

And how we'll guarantee you your first $50,000 Growth Partner Deal in less than 5 months or I'll give you your money back

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How can you be certain this works?

Here are some of the results from the last 60 days...


of new members closed at least 1 deal in the first 30 days


total amount of known deals reported


average deal size closed by our GPs


average new monthly revenue per GP

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What happens when you partner with us?

Here is what agency owners like yourself have to say about The Growth Partner Accelerator Program


How This 25 Year Old Went from $0 to $30,000/mo in 75 days after shutting down his SMMA

"If you're in business, you should have a mentor, a community and people to refer to." 


How Mauricio Closed $194,000 in 5 Months Without Case Studies

“In those 4 months, I went from $0 to $194,000. Once you find the real deals and people that are where you want to be in life, and you build a relationship with them - it will change your life.”


How Jordan hit $28,000/mo in 4 months with his ads GP agency

“I’ve spent a lot of money over the years, whether it’s business courses or personal courses—this is by far the best program that I’ve invested in.”


How Luke closed $60,000 in 17 days without case studies

"Stop thinking about doing it and actually do it. The only regret I have is not doing this a year ago."


How Jake closed $195,000 in 4 months as a Growth Partner

"It's going to be some of the most fun and the most stressful work that you're going to be doing. It is better to do it with people that understand the pains you're going through. They can help walk you through it and share the misery with you..."


How David closed $170,000 in 3 months as a Growth Partner

"Do what Jordan and Jacob say as if they have the golden tickets, the master key to your development... Because they do for sure."


How Stephen went from $2,500 deals to $75,000 deals in less than 30 days

"Since I changed my offer a month ago, I've signed 2 deals and booked 15-20 sales calls per week"


How Ben closed $101,000 in 2 months

"The idea of working with a limited number of people, being able to work partly based on the performance and the money that you make them, being able to scale by just making your clients more money as opposed to taking on a lot more clients, I think just made way more sense as a business model."


How Joe & Tom went from $0 to $40,000/mo in 5 months

“If you know you’ve got skills and you're undervalued in your agency role, do it. If you know you’ve got the drive to listen, and more importantly, execute, just do it”


How Max went from $5,000 to $25,000/mo in 5 months

"If you’re in a position where you’re already seeing success… then for sure it’s going to speed things up very fast… and it’s going to increase the chances of you succeeding overall. It is an accelerator"


How Sven & Wesley went from -€700 to €60,000/mo in 7 months

"If we could get a contract last year that says you’ll be at €60,000/month in 12 months, I wouldn’t believe it… but here we are"


How James went from $6,000 to $50,000/mo in 6 months

"If you know what you do works, and a core frustration is taking what works to others at scale, then I would definitely say work with Jordan & Jacob"

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About Jacob & Jordan

Before they met: Jacob Le Vine built a $66,000 Lead Generation Agency after obtaining a degree in Marketing. Meanwhile, Jordan Lee steered an Ed-Tech company from an initial valuation of £1 million to £10 million as Managing Director.

When they met, despite their success in their respective endeavours, they both chose to step away and pivot, driven by the conviction that the adoption of their innovative 'Growth Partnering' model holds even greater potential for profitability and success.

With the success of their own transition to the highly effective Growth Partnering approach, they now extend their expertise to assist struggling Agency Owners in making a seamless and profitable shift to this transformative business model.

How The Growth Partner model works

You see, what we do is simple.

A. You partner with CEOs and charge $5000 - $20,000 per month and take a % of revenue

B. ​This lets you earn more while working with less clients

C. ​You then get to spend more time on each client to deliver better results​

So for example, instead of just managing Facebook ads

You do the funnel, creatives, copy, management, email flow, sms flow and back end sales process.

Each thing you control makes it easier for you to charge more, get better results and harder for the client to replace you.

Now ultimately, the better results they get...

1) The more money you make

2) The longer they stay with you

3) The more you can invest back into the business

Traditional Agency

  • You scale by bringing on more clients at anywhere between $500 and $3000 per month because you compete on price.
  • ​As you bring on more clients, fulfilment breaks, you get stuck in the day-to-day and you have to hire to try keep up.
  • ​You end up stuck in this loop of chasing the next client to keep your MRR stable and pay for your expenses.



Growth Partner

  • ​You partner with successful CEOs and charge $5000 - $20,000 per month and take a percentage of revenue.
  • ​Since you charge more, you can work with less clients and use the skills you already have to deliver better results.
  • ​Ultimately, the better results they get, the more money you make and the more you can invest back into the business.


But if you want to know what this looks like on the inside and how our Growth Partners generated $2,870,600 in the last 60 days then here are the 3 core things we’re going to do for you.

​We’re going to meet 1 on 1 to reposition your current offer and skillset into a Growth Partner offer so that you are the best or only option in the market and can confidently charge $5000-$20,000 per month with a revenue share on top.

Statistically we’ve found that before working with us clients on average are charging $2500 per month. We’re able to get that to $5200 after just one meeting.

So over doubling their profit.

We’ll install our proven partner acquisition system inside your business in the first 7 days and help you sign your first deal.

We’re going to give you the exact scripts and internal systems we use to book over 200+ appointments from cold traffic each month so you can put appointments on your calendar within 7 days.

With your new deal flow, offer and our custom growth plans, we make it easy to sell. So even if you hate sales or don’t have case studies we’ve found 57% of new members sign their first deal within 30 days of joining.

We can help systemise client results and management.

So… I hear all the time "clients won’t keep paying me $10k/mo", "my clients leave after 3 months" or "I don’t want to get caught working in my business".

We’ll show you how to systemise and delegate everything so you can eventually get all client work off your plate while keeping it at KPI and ensuring all your clients get the results they paid for. 

And ultimately wanting to retain and ascend in the backend.

Want to find out if The Growth Partner model is for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your guarantee work?

Since we are so confident we’ll do what no one else is willing to do - we guarantee revenue Growth.

Meaning you are entitled to a full refund if by the end of the 5 months you haven’t secured at least 1 Growth Partner deal worth $50,000 and you have followed the customised action plan we give you on our onboarding call.

Do I need to be an Agency owner before a Growth Partner?

While it can be useful to own an Agency before, it is not necessary to have run an agency. With our direct guidance if you’re committed enough you will be able to get started as a Growth Partner without having to learn the traditional agency model. This means you’ll get to skip all the pains and headaches that the traditional model brings and get started in the better vehicle.

Will this work for me?

While we have Growth Partners from all over the world, in every niche imaginable the only way to be certain if we can help you is talking with you directly because you and your business is unique.

How much can I make?

After working with 100+ Growth partners we’ve found that the average deal size is $62,386.06 before performance fee with an average increase in monthly revenue per Growth Partner of $16,500.

What is a Growth Partner?

Growth Partner looks at the end to end sales process. Meaning they don't just do Facebook ads, they do offer, funnel, creatives, copy, campaign management, email flow, sms flow and tweak the back end sales process.

This way, by increasing each of these by 20% isn't a 20% increase in performance - it's a 200%. Which can be the difference between a profitable campaign and not.

Now to control more of the process you need to charge in accordance. So instead of charging $2000 for Facebook ads you would charge $10,000 for everything. Finally, since you're focused on revenue growth you can take a percentage of all the revenue you generate on top of the flat fixed fee.

In essence, a Growth Partner is someone who’s focused on partnering with CEOs of businesses to help them increase their revenue by delivering on a clear growth plan.

What’s the difference between you and other programs out there?

Our team of professionals who’ve actually grown businesses are going to help you to implement specifics personalised to your business.

Other programs focus on more info one-size-fits-all - do it yourself.

We focused on helping you build your business, reduce the complexities and focus on building high-profits with enterprise value - done with you.

We become your partner that’s financially incentivised by your success.

We’re giving you 1-1 personalised support, daily workshops, our executive team and the assets and frameworks we’ve used to build three 7-figure businesses over the past 10 years.


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Want to find out if The Growth Partner model is for you?

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