How we helped Gregory go from a failed agency owner to closing multiple 6 figure deals

Key Topics

High-Value Contracts
Business Efficiency


  • Managing a large book of 30+ clients for only $5,000/month in total revenues
  • Experiencing high stress and burnout from his existing commitments
  • Lacking time for a meaningful personal life and the growth/impact he was seeking for his business
  • Needed clarity and tactics on how to effectively build and operate a sustainable business


  • Apply his past expertise with our Growth Partner model and remove sales resistance/friction
  • Increase pricing power with clients as a trusted partner vs. being viewed as a service provider
  • Transition from paid proposals to value-added free, customized growth plans and a clear value proposition for more sales calls and higher close rates
  • Focus on mindset and overcoming fears/doubts about transforming his business model


  • Signed multiple six-figure deals on 12-month contracts in just 6 months
  • Achieved over $500k in annual revenue with just six clients using the Growth Partner model
  • Reduced his weekly working hours to just 4 hours/week
  • Built a sustainable and profitable business model for long-term viability
  • Restored his work-life balance by providing a fulfilling personal and professional life