How we helped Rik go from being unemployed to $32k/mo as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

Business Growth
Freelancing to Agency
  • Rick was a casualty of a private equity buyout, leaving him unemployed
  • He started a business but was working all hours as a freelancer/contractor, struggling to scale
  • Lacked a clear path to build a scalable, sustainable business beyond being a solo operator
  • Joined the Accelerator program to shift from freelancing to building a true business
  • Learned a framework for positioning services, messaging, and landing larger clients
  • Implemented processes for scaling operations by hiring and delegating tasks
  • Leveraged coaching, training resources, and the community for accountability and support
  • Went from unemployed to $32k in monthly revenue within months
  • Landed larger, higher-value clients in the $15k+/month range
  • Developed a plan and mindset to scale to $100k/month and beyond
  • Built a team and operational foundation for a scalable, sustainable business