How we helped David close $170,000 in 3 months as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

High-Value Contracts
Business Transformation


  • Small deal sizes, ranging from $5k-$7.5k total vs. recurring revenue
  • Personal financial strain, with high expenses and a newborn and sole provider responsibilities
  • Overwhelmed with clients but unable to provide the meaningful long-term value
  • Limited and unpredictable revenue fulfilling one-off deliverables as a service provider


  • Transition from high volume, low-paying clients to a small number of high-paying clients
  • Increase positive response rate and build a robust ICP pipeline
  • Implement systematic client acquisition and engagement processes to increase predictability
  • Increase pricing power with clients as a trusted partner VS. being viewed as a service provider
  • Develop confidence through continuous action and community support


  • Secured $170,000 in 12-month contracts with two partners
  • Collected $48,000 in cash within three months
  • Dramatically increased customer LTV from a maximum of $7.5k to $110k
  • Developed long-term vision and confidence in business growth
  • Secured financial stability for his business and family