How we helped Aadam go from $50k/mo to $110k/mo as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

Growth Partners
Client Acquisition System
  • Agency owner stuck at $50,000/month revenue with 50 clients
  • Felt overworked, stressed, and unable to reach $100,000/month
  • Offered cheap, a la carte services (e.g., $750/month for Facebook ads)
  • Lacked focus and a client acquisition system
  • Struggled to raise prices due to limiting belief
  • Repackaged skills into a comprehensive, high-value offer
  • Increased pricing from $750/month to $5,000/month plus revenue share
  • Implemented a 2-week sprint system for accountability and focus
  • Created a client acquisition system with Facebook ads and a sales team
  • Hired better team members and created SOPs to streamline operations
  • Revenue increased from $50,000/month to $110,000/month
  • Client base reduced from 50 to 28, with 11 high-paying growth partner clients
  • Profit margin improved to 73% ($81,000/month profit)
  • Owner now works just 4-5 hours per week on high-level strategy
  • Projected to reach $150,000-$200,000/month revenue in 3 months