How we helped Alessandro go from months of struggle to $20,000/mo as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

Niche Marketing
Sales Enablement


  • Struggling to build a pipeline and close clients despite prior experience and efforts in the online coaching space
  • Lacked the necessary skills for predictable client acquisition and closing sales
  • Made a prior financial investment in an alternative mentorship program with zero ROI, causing frustration and overwhelm
  • Desired a supportive community for ongoing mentorship and support on his journey


  • Transition his focus from online coaches to IT service providers
  • Develop a comprehensive offer targeting a niche market with high revenue potential
  • Implement structured sales processes and refine client acquisition strategies
  • Focus on delivering value and long-term results to clients as a trusted partner vs. being viewed as a service provider
  • Get traction and results through continuous action, support, and mentorship from the Growth Partner community


  • Secured four clients, reaching $20,000/month in revenues
  • Developed confidence in pitching and delivering high-value contracts
  • Positioned for continued growth with scalable business processes
  • Established a network of support and resources for continued growth