How we helped Andrei close a $500,000 deal at 22 years old without case studies

Key Topics

High-Value Deals
Business Credibility



  • No established client base or case studies
  • Lacked a structured approach to client acquisition and a scalable revenue model
  • Needed clarity and tactics on how to effectively build and operate a sustainable business
  • Struggling to build credibility and close high-value deals


  • Identify a target niche
  • Develop a clear value proposition and offer
  • Launch initial marketing campaigns targeting the chosen niche
  • Increase positive response rate and build a robust ICP pipeline
  • Focus on building trust with clients and selling the vision of how a Growth Partner can transform a business compared to a service provider


  • Closed a $500,000, 12-month contract without any prior case studies or testimonials
  • Achieved guaranteed revenue of $320,000 with performance-based incentives to reach $500,000
  • Secured trust and confidence from a $200m+ client after nine meetings and 36 emails
  • Established a scalable and sustainable business model with a holistic approach
  • Positioned for future growth and success with clear strategies and a solid foundation