How we helped Ben close $101,000 in 2 months without case studies as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

Niche & Offer Creation
Sales Confidence


  • Lack of prior marketing and agency experience
  • No established client base or case studies
  • Unfamiliarity with sales and marketing strategies
  • Difficulty in targeting a specific niche market


  • Identify a target niche in B2B healthcare
  • Develop a clear value proposition and offer
  • Launch initial marketing campaigns targeting the chosen niche
  • Increase positive response rate and build a robust ICP pipeline
  • Focus on building trust with clients and selling the vision of how a Growth Partner can transform a business compared to a service provider


  • Closed a $101,000 deal within the first two months
  • Established multiple Growth Partner deals
  • Achieved significant sales growth starting from zero experience
  • Developed a scalable business model focusing on performance-based partnerships