How we helped Bronte go from losing to other agencies to being the best

Key Topics

Growth Mindset
Offer Creation


  • Underpricing her services
  • Dealing with a limited client pipeline
  • Struggling to find mentorship
  • Experiencing inconsistent mindset shifts


  • Secured her first Growth Partner deal
  • Increased her positive response rate
  • Transformed her service offering entirely
  • Adapted her value proposition
  • Influenced significant shifts in her mindset
  • Restructured her sales and pricing strategies
  • Enhanced her service delivery
  • Cultivated a partnership-oriented approach
  • Boosted her self-confidence and trust
  • Charged higher prices confidently
  • Sustained a strong client pipeline (with the ability to be selective due to the surge in demand)
  • Accessed a community of 400+ entrepreneurs, providing a wealth of advice and support


  • Scaled from $0-$12k/mo in 1 month
  • Secured her first GP deal for £54k + 10% rev share (with room to phase to £72k)
  • Secured 2 more Growth Partner deals worth £3.2k/mo (with phase 2 increasing to £6.5k) and £3.5k
  • Gained a 21% positive response rate