How we helped Delano close $250,000 as a Growth Partner after quitting SMMA

Key Topics

Recurring Revenue
Business Transformation


  • High volume of clients on short-term agreements leading to financial instability and unpredictable revenue
  • No operational leverage, resulting in high personal workload and stress
  • Sub-optimal pricing power and structure to build the correct financial foundation for scale
  • Lack of long-term business direction and structured processes


  • Transition from one-off projects to our Growth Partner model with recurring revenues
  • Target larger clients with greater purchasing power and higher revenue potential
  • Implement a structured sales call process and transform proposal quality and depth
  • Focus on providing value-added services to improve positioning and enhance client value
  • Build a sustainable and profitable business model for long-term viability


  • Increased his average deal sizes from $15k to as high as $250k per deal
  • Established a more professional and scalable business model
  • Achieved predictable and scalable client acquisition and business growth
  • Built a solid foundation for continued business growth and personal fulfilment