How we helped Elizabeth go from working a 9-5 job to closing a $75,000 deal

Key Topics

Career Transition
High-Value Deals


  • Lack of direction and job satisfaction in her 9-5 job as an admin assistant
  • Starting from zero with no clients or revenue
  • Unfamiliarity with effective sales and marketing strategies
  • Struggling to transition from free workshops to paid clients


  • Identify a target niche in the B2C medical space, helping clients grow their number of patients
  • Develop a clear value proposition and offer
  • Implement targeted marketing and sales strategies within the chosen niche
  • Focus on delivering value and long-term results to clients as a trusted partner vs. being viewed as a service provider
  • Get traction and results through continuous action and community support


  • Closed a $75,000 deal with zero prior experience or case studies
  • Successfully transitioned from a 9-5 job to a full-time growth partner role
  • Established a sustainable business model with a focus on patient growth for medical companies
  • Achieved significant personal and professional growth
  • Positioned for future success with a strong foundation and clear strategies