How we helped Ismael go from working a 9-5 to $162k in Growth Partner deals

Key Topics

High-Value Deals
Business Transformation


  • Working long hours at a stressful management consulting job in London
  • Lack of time and financial freedom
  • Influenced by an employee mindset, hindering entrepreneurial growth
  • Limited experience in closing high-value deals
  • Needed clarity and tactics on how to effectively build and operate a sustainable business


  • Develop a clear plan and offer targeting the Spanish market
  • Create and utilize impactful marketing assets like sales and case study videos
  • Develop a systematic and predictable client acquisition strategy
  • Focus on building trust with clients and selling the vision of how a Growth Partner can transform a business compared to a service provider
  • Leverage the program's mentorship and resources for mindset, tactics, and fulfilment growth


  • Closed $162,000 worth of deals within a few months
  • Developed confidence in closing high-value deals
  • Built a full pipeline with plans to close an additional $300,000 in the next 12 months
  • Successfully transitioned from an employee to a thriving business owner
  • Achieved financial freedom and moved to Spain, living a dream lifestyle