How we helped Joe & Tom went hit $40,000/mo in 5 months as Growth Partners

Key Topics

High-Value Contracts
Business Transformation


  • Stuck in a cycle charging low retainers of $2-3k/month for lead generation and looking to leverage Joe’s 20+ years of sales experience to drive growth
  • High stress from managing multiple clients with minimal revenue
  • Lacked a structured business model and a clear value proposition for better positioning
  • Difficulty in scaling the business and increasing revenue


  • Transition from low retainers to higher-value services and contracts
  • Increase pricing by focusing on delivering value and long-term results to clients as a trusted partner vs. being viewed as a service provider
  • Implement structured sales processes and refine client acquisition strategies
  • Focus on stacking value-added services including recruitment and sales training
  • Leverage community support and mentorship to refine business strategies


  • Signed contracts worth $40k/month in revenue
  • Achieved £450k+ in closed deals within 5 months of joining the program
  • Established a sustainable and scalable business model
  • Positioned for future growth with plans to hit £100k/month in the near future