How we helped Jordan hit $28,000/mo in 4 months as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

Niche Targeting & Optimisation
Higher Pricing & Longer Contracts


  • Unpredictable income with hourly contracts
  • Lack of a structured, sustainable business model, and stuck trading time for money
  • Difficulty scaling income beyond $10k/month due to client churn
  • Inconsistent client acquisition and retention systems


  • Transition to a contract-based model with retainers
  • Rework value stream to clients as a trusted partner rather than being viewed as a service provider
  • Focus on paid ads for marketing software companies in B2B SaaS
  • Implement strategic upsells and long-term contracts
  • Leverage the program's mentorship and resources for mindset, tactics, and fulfilment growth


  • Increased monthly revenue from $10k to $28k within four months
  • Closed contracts with 5-6 clients, each lasting 3-12 months
  • Eliminated hourly work, establishing predictable and sustainable income
  • Developed a refined business structure with a clear growth trajectory
  • Positioned for future growth, aiming to reach $50-100k/month by the end of the year