How we helped Luke close $60,000 in 17 days without case studies as a Growth Partner

Key Topics

Niche Optimisation
Client Acquisition


  • Starting from zero with no clients or revenue
  • Lack of clear direction and frequent switching between business models with no traction
  • Difficulty choosing a niche and maintaining focus
  • No prior experience or case studies to establish credibility with prospects


  • Conduct in-depth research and interviews to understand ICP pain points and target niche
  • Implement targeted marketing and sales strategies within the chosen niche
  • Focus on delivering value and long-term results to clients as a trusted partner rather than being viewed as a service provider
  • Implement systematic client acquisition and engagement processes
  • Develop confidence through continuous action and community support


  • Signed a $60,000 contract within 17 days of joining the program
  • Secured a $5,000 per month client with an additional 10% revenue share
  • Gained confidence and clarity in business direction
  • Established a sustainable and scalable business model focused on better, high-value clients
  • Positioned for rapid growth with plans to reach $40-50k/month within six months