How we helped Matt scale his agency from $15k to $40k/mo in 6 months

Key Topics

Mindset & Limiting Beliefs
Business Transformation


  • Managing 15-20 low-paying clients while only earning $15k/month on a retainer model
  • High client churn with 60-70% of revenue from white-label clients
  • Stress and inefficiency from chasing money and hiring for immediate needs
  • Limited business growth and sustainability


  • Transition from low-paying clients to high-value contracts
  • Implement structured sales processes and improve proposal quality and depth
  • Focus on delivering value and long-term results to clients as a trusted partner rather than being viewed as a service provider
  • Eliminate any limiting beliefs around moving away from his existing model for a better one
  • Access and leverage a community of entrepreneurs, providing a wealth of advice and support


  • Doubled monthly revenue to $30k/month within six months
  • Reduced client churn by replacing 80% of existing low-value clients with higher-value ones
  • Signed contracts worth $35-40k/month with new clients
  • Gained confidence and clarity in fulfilment, business operations, and pipeline growth strategies
  • Improved long-term business sustainability, profitability, and growth