How we helped Ryan go from a solo freelancer to making 6 figures with 3 clients

Key Topics

Business Transformation
Client Retention


  • Managing up to 10 clients with inconsistent monthly revenue ranging from $10k-$20k/month
  • Clients on short-term agreements leading to financial instability and unpredictable revenue
  • No leverage or team, resulting in high personal workload and stress
  • Lack of long-term business direction and structured processes


  • Transition from freelancing to running a structured business
  • Implement comprehensive marketing and sales processes
  • Focus on long-term contracts and revenue-sharing models for sustainable pipeline growth
  • Prioritise building high-value client relationships and quality fulfilment
  • Build out a team to support execution and client delivery


  • Reduced the number of clients from 10 to 3 while increasing monthly revenue to $7k-$9k/month per client
  • Added a revenue share of 7.5%-10% per client
  • Established 12-month contracts, ensuring stable and predictable income
  • Built a team to handle day-to-day tasks, reducing personal workload
  • Positioned for further growth with a clear business model and strategic direction