How we helped Sven & Wesley hit €60,000/mo in 7 months as Growth Partners

Key Topics

Client Acquisition
Business Transformation



  • Started with web development but saw a sudden halt in business growth
  • Lack of a system to generate leads consistently
  • Financial struggles, reaching a low point of -$700/month in income
  • Low positive reply rates from marketing emails, around 0.1%


  • Transition from one-off web development projects to a more scalable business model
  • Improve email campaigns and tactics to increase positive reply rates to 2%+
  • Implement structured sales processes and improve proposal quality and depth
  • Increase pricing by focusing on delivering value and long-term results to clients as a trusted partner vs. being viewed as a service provider
  • Focus on mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs about their potential


  • Increased monthly revenue to €60,000 within 7 months
  • Closed a major deal worth €30,000, validating their new approach and creating momentum
  • Achieved an 8% positive reply rate on email campaigns
  • Enhanced confidence and professional growth, contributing to sustainable success
  • Established a clear path for future growth, aiming to surpass €100,000 per month